Judaica decorations, cards and bookends

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As part of the opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN – Warsaw, in 2013,several wall ornaments on the thematic of Judaism have been created.

Jewish Art metal wall ornaments

Several Judaica decorations have been designed. They drawn their inspiration in the polychromes which adorned synagogues in Central Europe such as models Magen David and Menorah Classic. A more stylized version is also proposed for an easier integration into contemporary fittings with the Menorah Modern model.
These decorations comply with the features and level of quality we defined for our standard clocks in term of dimensions, fabrication and painting process.

Features of wall ornaments

  • Steel Laser Cut.
  • Dimensions 40 cm x 40 cm / Diameter 40 cm
  • Powder Coating Paint Black matt.
  • Hook and stabilizers welded on the rear side.
  • Specific packaging for a secure shipment.

Judaica bookends

An original and stunning pair of bookends have been specially designed depicting an Orthodox and a Hasidic jews. This creation is particularly appreciated by visitors thanks to the presentation of the characters.
Bookends are equipped with anti-skid pads for a better stability.

Features of bookends

The stunning and original Judaica bookends bought by one of our customers in Puerto Rico
Our Judaica bookends bought by a customer of Puerto Rico
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  • Steel Laser Cut.
  • Height 19 cm.
  • Power Coating Paint Black matt.
  • 3 x anti-skid pads (foam or silicon).

Judaica Cards

In connection with laser metalworks, a set of quality cards created using laser cutting techniques were designed on the thematic of the Jewish Life: Shabbat, Klezmer and Shtetl.
They drawn their inspiration in the art of paper cut which is present in Poland either in the polish foklore (Wycinanki) and through some jewish religious ornaments in synagogues.

► In addition to be offered to friends, the aim of these beautiful cards is to be enhanced into a frame hung on a wall or presented in standalone decoration.

Card features

  • Quality 250g Laser Cut pop’set paper.
  • Black matt.
  • Dimensions 16 cm x 16 cm.
  • Embossing and gilding of letters.
  • Enveloppe 17 cm x 17 cm.
  • Protective cover.


Tolonensis Creation is presented at the gift Shop of the Jewiish Museum POLIN in Warsaw

Judaica ornaments, cards and bookends are presented in the gift shop of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN in Warsaw.

They are also available at the gift Shop of the Museum of Judaism located in the Old Synagogue (Stara synagoga) in Cracow.

The Jewish Museum POLIN in Warsaw, Poland
The Museum of Judaism in Cracow

How to buy a Jewish decoration ?

You can perform your order on our following e-stores :
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Nasza strona (polski).

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The range of Judaica has been designed by Jacques Lahitte.
© All models are the property of the company Tolonensis Creation

Jacques Lahitte is also the author of the french website www.shabbat-goy.com which is dedicated to the jewish legacy in Poland. This known website presents over 400 places visited in more than 230 different cities and villages.